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[SORA blockchain] Roadmap for AI and Blockchain Integration using NFTs

SORA blockchain - FromHDDtoSSD v3 [>> Image expansion]

[High spec: 5min, Low spec: 20min], synced SORA blockchain(full-node) and building HD-Wallet.

Get a deposit SORA address.

Send a SORA.

Set a staking SORA-PoS.

Viewing a history in txid.

Using a AI-NFT by quantum resistance.

Scanning full-scan to SSD. [2-dim]

Scanning stat-scan to SSD. [4-dim], spend SORA (fee: 0.02 - 0.1 SORA / 1 times)

1. Project Vision and Objectives

About Vision

Merge AI and Blockchain technologies to create new value using AI-NFTs as a medium.

About Objectives

Utilize AI and Blockchain capabilities to build an environment where users can manage and utilize data securely and efficiently on the blockchain.

2. Steps and Timeline

Phase 1 [2018-2019]

Contributed to the development of the SORA blockchain, infrastructure building, and stabilization.

Phase 2 [2019-2020]

Listing on exchanges, development of quantum resistance, investigation of quantum computer characteristics, research on quantum-resistant algorithms.

Phase 3 [2020-2021]

Speeding up transactions, researching data loading on the blockchain, developing encrypted memo functions, conceptualizing AI-NFTs.

Phase 4 [2021-2022]

Development of AI-NFTs, creation of wallet complete restoration using 16 phrases, development of wallet construction using SQLite.

Phase 5 [2022-2023]

Integrated SORA blockchain into FromHDDtoSSD v3 as a drive inspection network.

Phase 6 [2023-2024]

Launched AI-NFTs.

Phase 7 [2024-2025]

We will have a sub-network on ETH and BNB, and support interoperability through swapping.

We will sell products for testing and recovery equipped with the SORA blockchain on Amazon. We have been negotiating with representatives from Amazon since 2022, and have already registered the business name 'Web3.0/NFT IUEC Co., Ltd.' Now, all that's left is to list the products. We will start in 2024.

Furthermore, we will list on exchanges with a Trust Score of over 8 on CoinGecko.

Implementation of a small-scale SNS feature on a blockchain utilizing the encrypted memo function. Due to its decentralized nature, there is no administrator, which means there is no worry about third parties (such as server managers) accessing important information.

We are conducting experimental verification of AI using AI-NFTs. We will deploy an automated response bot using AI-NFTs to this small-scale SNS and observe its behavior.

Significant improvements will be made to the user interface. We are pursuing a graphical and beautiful UI that is also user-friendly.

Phase 8 [From 2025]

We will further expand our services utilizing blockchain technology. Let's decide the details within the SORA community! Once decided, we will develop exactly as agreed!

3. Technology Development and Innovation

Technology: Development of AI algorithms and integration with blockchain technology.

Innovation: Developing new methods to manage AI data access and processing using NFTs.

4. Market and Competitive Advantage

Market Needs: Increasing demand for data security and transparency.

Competitive Advantage: Offering unique services through innovative technology integration.

5. Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships: Cooperation with technology companies and the blockchain community.

Collaboration: Linking with other AI and blockchain projects.

6. Marketing and Community Engagement

Marketing: Strategic marketing activities to increase product awareness.

Community Engagement: Regular dialogue with the user community and utilization of feedback.